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Register for Your Upcoming SCDS Trip

Please click the registration button below.  You will need the password provided by your teacher to continue.


We will review your application within 10 days of receiving it. If there are any questions, someone from the office will contact you.

Travel Protection Plan

Because Go Adventure program payments are NOT refundable after 90 days prior to your trip origination date (Please refer to our Terms & Conditions, for full tuition refund details), we recommend that all families consider purchasing a travel protection plan that includes trip cancellation coverage.  We offer an optional plan for our participants to purchase, A+ Program Protection.


The A+ Program Protection may reimburse participants who are forced to cancel or interrupt their participation in Go Adventure as a result of sickness, injury, or certain other covered reasons. If an A+ Program is purchased, you will receive a link to your state-specific Program Document which describes the Program provisions in detail.


If A+ receives your program payment with or before your final tuition payment to Go Adventure: 1) the pre-existing conditions exclusion will be waived, provided you are not disabled from travel at the time the program payment is made; and 2) you will have the option of purchasing the “Cancel for Any Reason Benefit**.” You may also cancel the Program by giving Trip Mate, the program administrator, written notice within 10 days of the Program Protection effective date or your scheduled program departure date.  If you do this, Trip Mate will refund the program payment provided you have not filed a claim under the Program Protection. Caveat: because terms and conditions in the plan can vary considerably from state to state, please call the administrator to understand how the Program will work in your state of residence.


Please go to:, for details of the program provisions and exclusions. If prompted, enter the following code when purchasing coverage:GOAD11.


Depending on the level of plan you select, the Protection Plan provides coverage for:

  • Program Cancellation: Protects your non-refundable payments (if you cancel program before it begins) for covered reasons such as injury, sickness, terrorist acts and transfer of employment of 250 miles.

  • Program Interruption: Protects your non-refundable payments (if you interrupt your program) for covered reasons such as injury, sickness, terrorist acts and transfer of employment of 250 miles.

  • Medical Expenses/Emergency Assistance: Medical bills for up to one year and for any special transportation required for medical reasons including expenses for parent to visit if hospitalized 3 days.

  • Personal Effects/Baggage: For damage, lost or stolen personal articles.

  • Medical Records On Line: At your option, instant access to your medical records is available with the plan.


It’s inexpensive and will give you peace of mind! Plans start as low as $38 and increase by the amount of tuition and medical coverage you choose.  (Above $750 tuition, rates are roughly 5%-9% the cost of the tuition depending on the level of plan you select).