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Go Adventure offers highly customized field trips, outdoor adventures and environmental education for schools, youth groups or any group of 10 or more.  We specialize in facilitating meaningful, fun, community minded trips that have lasting and positive results.

Programs are all designed from scratch with the teacher or parent coordinator's desired outcomes in mind.  We have a 2-night minimum and 21-day maximum trip length.  Trips can be based in worldwide destinations and can include team-building, rite of passage, wilderness skills, challenge, class bonding, reflection, museums, kayaking, backpacking, surfing, hosteling, major city tours, eco-tour, rock climbing or all the above.


Outdoor Adventure

Teens have busy academic, athletic and extra-curricular schedules and often lack adequate time to decompress. Additionally, our modern culture is inundated with technology, media distractions and social image pressures. Go Adventure was founded in part to provide the space teens need to reconnect with the things that are truly important in life: nature, family, friends and personal aspirations.

Stewardship & Service

 Leave No Trace wilderness ethics and works to educate future generations to think about their impact, and simply do less harm. We have no political motives or concealed agenda, we are simply an environmentally considerate program that works to ensure that future generations can experience and benefit from the pristine wilderness experiences that define our program.

Empowerment & Community Building

Empower youth with useful life skills by providing the opportunity to lead, solve problems, reflect, make decisions and work as a team. We encourage personal challenge, building and creating ideas, collaboration, resourcefulness and resiliency. We actively support teens in translating their experiences on-trail to life back at home and school.

Risk Management

Facilitate a positive learning environment by managing the physical and emotional well-being of our participants while adapting to the changes that can occur in wilderness and urban settings. Imparting the skills to lessen the risks involved in outdoor travel while benefiting from educational opportunities presented is a fundamental part of the experience.