Cancellation & Refund Policy

Payment & Admissions Policies

Go Adventure’s general payment terms and conditions are based on the investment we make in planning, staffing and delivering our programs. These expenses are not recoverable in the case of short-notice cancellation or transfer. By registering for a Go Adventure program you are accountable for the information contained here.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you research travel insurance options and purchase one that will protect your investment.

Refund / Cancellation Policy:

If you withdraw participation from Go Adventure, your:

1.    Initial deposit of 25% of projected tuition is non-refundable from time of receipt.
2.    Written notice of trip cancellation received 150+ days before on-site program week date:  School pays 50% of student participation fees estimated on Participation Agreement.
3.    Written notice of trip cancellation received 90-149 days before on-site program week date: School pays 75% of student participation fees estimated on Participation Agreement.
4.    Written notice if received 89 days or less before on-site program week date: No refunds will be given.

Escalation Clause:

​In September 2013 the Rim Fire burned 257,000 acres of California’s forests.  At the time, ​Go Adventure had been preparing for a backcountry trip with a large group of 50 students only a few miles away from the growing fire.  The Go Adventure team initiated an alternate plan and began coordinating permits, reservations and logistics for a suitable alternate destination.  In the end, the ‘Plan B trip’ went wonderfully.  This scenario lead us to create the following policy: 


In the event of a natural disaster, pandemic (including COVID-19 or related issues) or government agency travel restriction effecting your initially planned destination, Go Adventure offers three choices:

  • A) "Plan B" itinerary that preserves your initial dates and aims to meet your group goals and expectations at a different destination not impacted by the event. There are typically no additional costs if the Plan B trip is the same in length, costs and primary activities. 

  • B) Tuition Credit / Postponement: Proceed with the originally planned program up to one (1) calendar year later from the scheduled trip.  Go Adventure retains the tuition you already paid and next year there will be a re-booking fee equal to your initial deposit (25% of total tuition).  We must impose a re-booking fee due to the unrecoverable nature of resources already spent on labor, insurance policies, risk management, overhead and admin expenses during the trip design and trip construction process. There may be additional fees equaling unrecoverable vendor deposits such as youth hostels, airline tickets, tours and the like. 

  • C) Partial Refund: If the client cancels the trip the Refund / Cancellation policy described above applies unless the cancellation occurs in lieu of the circumstances described in the Escalation Clause. Up to a 50% cash refund can be offered if the invoice is paid in full and you’re within 90 days of your trip, discussed on an individual basis.

What if Go Adventure Cancels Your Program?

If Go Adventure determines that a scheduled program needs to be canceled due to risk management concerns, a natural disaster or any other reason, we will offer the client the same options listed in the Escalation Clause.