Lost Coast & Trinity River

The rugged and isolated Lost Coast in Humboldt County's King Range National Conservation Area is one of the few coastlines in America where humans have had very little impact. The Lost Coast has an abundance of wildflowers and wildlife. The only sign of a human presence from the past is a lighthouse with relics of a shipwreck. Near the Lost Coast is the Trinity River with fun Class II and III rapids, canyons, redwood forests, and wildlife. Bald eagles are commonly spotted along the river and in the trees.


The Lost Coast and Trinity River are destinations where you can truly escape from the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in nature at the interfaces between ocean and land and river and forest.


Hiking - Escape into the wilderness in one of the wildest stretches of coastline in California. This remote destination offers 25 miles of hiking along secluded beaches with options for day hikes to explore the surrounding mountains and take in spectacular views of the coastline. Your trip along the beach starts at Matole campground and ends at Shelter Cove to the south. The prevailing Northwestern winds at your back take you through the heart of where the redwoods meet the ocean.



Teamwork - Get in tune with the cycles of day and night, ocean waves and tides, activity and rest, complete with group activities, games and solo time for reflection. This hike takes 4 to 5 days to complete and is recommended for all motivated groups looking for an adventure in a coastal landscape.



Rafting - Rafting is a great way to end your Lost Coast adventure and a great reward for your efforts on the trail! You will find that this crystal clear river offers an amazing whitewater experience not to be missed. The Trinity River is great fun for rafters of all levels.

Season: May - September

Length:3+ Days

Start Location: School or SFO Airport

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What's Included:

Professional, experience guides who love working with students at a 1:6 ratio

Healthy, Organic, Tasty meals and snacks

All Outdoor Gear 

Round-Trip Ground transportations beginning @ the destination airport

Pre-trip Risk Management/Orientation Call


Customized Itinerary

“I learned you only need what you can carry on your back to live”
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