The Rockies stretch some 3,000 miles, starting in Canada and ending in the southern United States. The Grand Tetons are one of the most well-known mountain ranges within this large expanse of mountains. They offer us over two hundred miles to hike and explore.


The landscape the surrounds the Tetons has a vast variety of mountains, high plains, wildlife, rivers, lakes, forests and geysers. Just outside of the Teton National Park lies the 3,500-mile square mile wilderness recreation area in Yellowstone National Park. Between Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park the possibilites for adventure are endless.


Arrange 1 or 2 days of Rock Climbing with local guides and get a few from up on the rocks.

Spend a day working with the Grand Teton National Park Foundation. Work with them by volunteering for a day of giving back to the Grand Teton National Park to make sure it will be there for others to enjoy for years to come.

Spend a day rafting down the snake river through the gorgeous scenery. Looking for a little more adventure off the beaten track? Spend 3-Days and 2-Nights kayaking in Yellowstone National Park on Yellowstone Lake. 

Stay at a car camping site and wake up to the Tetons towering over you or backpack into the wilderness to escape the crowds and see all of the natural beauty that this place has to offer. If backpacking doesn't appeal to you, there are many day hikes ranging from a couple miles up to a 10-mile day.

Grand Tetons

Season: April - September

Length:5+ Days

Start Location: Jackson Hole, WY

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What's Included:

Professional, experience guides who love working with students at a 1:6 ratio

Healthy, Organic, Tasty meals and snacks

All Outdoor Gear 

Round-Trip Ground transportations beginning @ the destination airport

Pre-trip Risk Management/Orientation Call


Customized Itinerary

“I know when I'm old I will forget many of my childhood memories. Go Adventure is one I know I will won't forget.”
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