The Lifeschool Board of Directors is the official leadership and governing body that works to promote, support and guide Lifeschool in achieving its mission.


Board terms are discussed on an individual basis but begin with a two-year long commitment.


Specific requirements of service are addressed in either the Board of Director Application or the Board of Advisory Application

Board of Directors

Gray, Wilma.jpg

Wilma J. Gray, JD - Chairperson 

   Wilma is a civil attorney, specializing in recreation law. When not in the courtroom or in depositions, Wilma loves to get outdoors. Born in rural Ontario, Canada, she spent much of her youth canoeing, cross-country skiing, hiking, snowshoeing and working as a counselor for outdoor programs.

   After receiving a B.A. degree from Queen's University in Canada, Wilma worked for the Canadian government living in Ottawa, which afforded much opportunity to enjoy the wilderness areas of Quebec and Ontario. Upon moving to California to attend law school, Wilma discovered the outdoor areas of California, which is a wonderful combination of sea, mountains and everything in between.


Jeff Barnes - Treasurer

   Mr. Barnes is a United States Navy veteran, having spent six years in the service onboard a submarine as a division leader and scuba diver. He brings several years of management and leadership to the Board of Lifeschool. Mr. Barnes has had the opportunity to serve with some of the most distinguished members of America's armed services, and has proven his leadership capabilities in several extreme situations.

   Mr. Barnes has been working in the financial services and insurance industry for over ten years, and he brings the ability to analyze financial statements and perform complex risk analyses to the table at Lifeschool. He is currently pursuing is Certified Financial Planner Designation and Masters in Personal Finance.

   Mr. Barnes completed his MBA at the University of Washington, Bothell in 2011. Mr. Barnes resides in Bonney Lake, WA with his wife, two sons, and two dogs.


Judy Klein, MD - Medical Advisor

Judy is an ER Physician at San Francisco General Hospital specializing in Pediatrics and Wilderness Medicine. She is an avid mountain biker and backcountry skier and lives in Marin County, California. She also currently serves as Lifeschool's Medical Director and has been with Lifeschool since 2003.


Andrella Pusha - Secretary

Andrella is a 20 year active duty US Navy Sailor from the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina.  She is an Author, Certified Life Coach, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt proficient, and a Credentialed Sexual Assault Victim Advocate.  She has honorably served her country, and is currently  transitioning into retirement after a fulfilling and rewarding 20 year military career.  Andrella has earned numerous awards, honors, and accolades the most rewarding being the second African American Nuclear Trained female to earn the rank of Chief Petty Officer in the history of the highly prestigious Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.


            She has spent the last 13 years serving in multiple capacities of the Navy’s Sexual Assault program, with the most fulfilling being that of a Victim Advocate providing victim-centered services to survivors with the highest level of standards as they travel their pathway to healing.  Andrella, as the Lead enlisted Sailor, was monumental in creating a  Female Mentorship program which provided 1100 females Sailors across various job fields, pay grades, and work environments a platform of fellowship, personal development, problem resolution, inspiration, communication, empowerment, career support, and mentorship. 


            Andrella is passionate about the survivor pathway to success and helping business professionals to find variances in their processes and increase revenue so they can focus on customer satisfaction and growth by using data driven information and internal improvements to create breakthrough change. She is a Forex (Foreign Exchange Market) trader helping individuals connect with an incredible educational platform for those looking for a place to put their investment money while they fully control the investment strategy. I also have a Consulting Business where I help businesses to find variances in their processes and increase revenue so they can focus on customer satisfaction and growth. Her journey also has included helping people transition from a place of instability to a place of power and helping those that meet her embrace the opportunities that lie beyond adversity.  She has a unique perspective with regards to interpersonal success matching her infectiously positive outlook and screams her belief that “Happiness Is a Choice”.  


Loral Langemeier, MA 

Loral is the Founder / CEO Live Out Loud, Inc. Novato, CA. As a master coach, financial strategist and self-made millionaire, Loral teaches people to build wealth and achieve financial success. Loral has been on Lifeschool's Board since the filing of the Articles of Incorporation in 1999.

Dick McDougald

Dick McDougald is a Partner with Pinnacle Rock Associates with over 20 years experience in retail management and IT consulting. Dick has held senior management positions with Discovery Channel Stores, and has managed clients such as Guess, Patagonia, Imaginarium and The North Face. He is also a dear friend of the late Doug Smith and his wife Tina Grob. Since Doug passed, Dick has taken his seat on the Lifeschool Board to continue contributing to his friends legacy. Dick received his BA in Computer Science from University of California at Berkeley.

Kristen Donovan, PhD

Kristen is a research psychologist and consults and trains clients nationwide to enhance organizational effectiveness and achieve intended outcomes. Her personal passion includes creating new possibilities in the lives of young people. Kristen joined Lifeschool in 2004 to assist with program evaluation and organizational development.