In fall of 2021, Go Adventure became the flagship program of the B-Rad Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering youth and their communities through environmental stewardship, health and adventure programs.  Go Adventure was founded by Jim Nevill, who worked as Executive Director of the program for 22 years under the prior non-profit, Lifeschool.

Since 1999, Go Adventure has given 6000+ teens with opportunities to unplug, connect with nature, gain perspective and have fun, all while learning from positive and skilled mentors. Go Adventure partners with various non-profits, schools and youth groups nationwide to offer highly customized and meaningful adventure trips to worldwide destinations.  As a charity it has always been a large part of our mission to ensure that our programs remain accessible to underserved teens and only through fundraising endeavors can we provide these high impact programs to the kids who deserve it most.

*Go Adventure maintains an equal opportunity acceptance policy and offers programs to teens of all cultural, religious, gender, and ethnic backgrounds - as well as to teens with special needs.