Come explore a country at the other end of the world! Argentina is a land of extremes, with tropical rainforests, dry deserts, high mountains, and ice fields. With Go Adventure, you can experience the beauty of mystical Patagonia, a geographical region found in the southern extremes of Chile and Argentina. It is the home of diverse cultures which include indigenous peoples, one of which is the Mapuche of Patagonia, and a Latino population that in Argentina has a strong Italian influence. Here, the Spanish is very different from the rest of South America and Spain due to its Italian influence, and the people are proud yet friendly.


This is especially true down in Patagonia, a land of open prairies, huge, snow-covered mountains, a lake district, gorgeous blue-ice glaciers...and the BEST ice cream in the world, according to Lifeschool leader Jenn Hamblen, who lives almost year-round in the town of Bariloche, Argentina, down in Patagonia. Buenos Aires also has much to offer for the urban explorer – it is considered the New York of South America.



Day hikes and backpacking options include exploring the mountains by hut-hopping from mountain refuge to mountain refuge.Visit the famous Fitz Roy and the surrounding rock monoliths, stretching over 3,000 feet into the air, growing out of the surrounding glaciers and landscape. Visit a huge glacier, part of the expansive Southern Patagonian Ice Field, calving ice out into turquoise blue waters.


Try out bouldering or rock climbing in a world-famous climber's paradise.


Go sea kayaking for a day or several in the network of expansive lakes and their myriad of glacier-formed arms. Explore a quaint mountain valley and then raft down its class III rapids.


Get to know new friends while sharing mate, a very popular and culturally-important hot tea. And if you want an urban adventure component, Buenos Aires has plenty to offer! In Buenos Aires, explore the city center with its beautiful traditional architecture reminiscent of cities like Paris and London. Visit street side cafes, explore parks, discover Argentine rock-n-roll and tango. You can even learn how to dance the tango!

Come discover radically different landscapes and cultures in Argentina, the Argentine Odyssey awaits you!


Season: May - September

Length: 7+ Days

Start Location: Jorge Chávez International Airport 

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What's Included:

Professional, experience guides who love working with students at a 1:6 ratio

Healthy, Organic, Tasty meals and snacks

All Outdoor Gear 

Round-Trip Ground transportations beginning @ the destination airport

Pre-trip Risk Management/Orientation Call


Customized Itinerary

“Being in a foreign country has broadened my view of the world.”
         – Kayemarie