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Urban settings give us the opportunity for unique kind of cultural exploration. For groups looking to get to know a city, we offer customized urban tours to meet your preferences. These options also include the AIR curriculum of providing Active, Instructive, and Reflective activities each day. Read more info on AIR.


You can choose from the many options available to explore in your destination of choice. They may include van tours with frequent stops to explore different areas of cultural and culinary importance and beauty, walking through the heart of famous and fun parts of town, getting to know the best parks to play Frisbee and have a barbeque, attending a play or musical, and participating in a local festival or event.


Golden Gate Bridge Even in an urban environment, we take you off the beaten tourist trail. So that you can experience what the city is like from the perspective of locals, you will get to know some of the interesting and knowledgeable people who live there. Also, you can choose to stay in a youth hostel or camp a short distance outside of the city in an established campground.


An example of an urban tour destination is San Francisco. In our opinion, it is the best urban destination in North America, if not on the planet! Please see the Bay Area Destination page for more ideas and info on fun things to do in this great city!


Urban tours can also be part of your adventure that includes a wilderness component. For example, in the Bay Area Adventure, you have the freedom to spend a few days backpacking in Point Reyes and then head to San Francisco to explore the city. Also, you can combine an urban tour with a service opportunity like working with Habitat for Humanity.


And for the group that wants to experience it all, you can include wilderness, service, AND an urban tour in your adventure! We always work with your goals and preferences to develop a unique adventure for your group.



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