Shakespeare & Klamath


This expedition is a great example of a Teacher coming to us with an idea, and letting Lifeschool figure out the rest. A wonderful combination of performance art and adventure, this trip to Southern Oregon provides a diverse and engaging experience for everyone involved.


Southern Oregon State University

Your group will have the chance to take a tour of the college and see what the surrounding area of Ashland has to offer. Groups stay in the dorms and time is filled with games, activities and local places to explore.


Ashland Shakespeare Festival

Ashland is home to the world famous Shakespeare festival and is a mecca of all things “bard.” Your group can take advantage of several different Shakespeare activities and lessons such as performance workshops, stage design techniques, discussions, and backstage tours. Top the experience off with attending a live performance by some of the world’s top Shakespeare performers in the beautiful open-air Elizabethan Theatre.


Klamath River Trip

Just a short drive south of Ashland, near Redding, CA, the waters of the Klamath River await for a thrilling, river trip on one of the most amazing rivers found on the West Coast. The group will slowly make its way down all the twists and turns and gushing rapids of the Klamath with time for the occasional water fight or short hike up the canyon. See the incredible 50 foot tall waterfalls, bald eagles, bears and more. The group will camp on sandy beaches right next to the river, providing the perfect backdrop for our evening campfire.

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