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"The universe is made of stories, not of atoms." – Auriel Rukeyser


Greenhouse WorkWe offer you opportunities for service because our personal experiences, both while being part of Go Adventure trips as well as on our own solo journeys, have taught us that the most meaningful moments in life involve connection to others. Each of us has the ability to choose how we act in the world. We can live with the intention to bring more joy to those we meet and act from this intention, or we can live with blinders on, in a daze, not seeing those around us, and perhaps unintentionally even causing harm. Sages of the present and the past have always urged us to choose the first option, to create more joy. They tell us that the beauty we create in the world not only makes others happy but will fill us with peace and happiness as well.


There are many ways to live this intention of creating joy for others. It starts with those who are around you in the present moment. On a Go Adventure trip, we create an atmosphere of openness and respect, and we encourage, and when necessary help motivate, all members of the group to be present and participate actively in our adventure. We learn to cook for ourselves and others, we learn self-sufficiency, we make decisions together as a group, and we help our friends when they need it. We create and support a culture that allows each person to bloom in their individuality while learning the importance of compromise as we are in a group setting. Our AIR™ curriculum allows each of us opportunities to share and grow as a group as well as individually.


Habitat for Humanity If your group wants to go deeper and connect on a personal level to the community that lives in the places you are visiting, we can arrange for service activities that range from a few hours to a day or more. These are great ways to deepen your experience and to understand on an experiential level how our actions can so quickly have a positive impact on those around us.


Options differ depending on where you are visiting but can include volunteering at a Teen Center tutoring youth, helping construct a house with Habitat for Humanity, maintaining a trail in a wilderness area, cleaning and fixing up Native American displays in a national park and volunteering in an organic farm cooperative.


For groups who want to focus on service, we can work with you to plan a trip centered around volunteering. You can volunteer at one or more locations and activities while taking in the sights and landscapes in your down time.


All of our service opportunities allow you to learn about the culture, people, and places where we are volunteering, to connect on a personal level with the people who live or work there, and to have time to reflect on the activity afterwards.



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