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Destination Overview

Located in Northern Sonoma County, 50 miles northwest of Santa Rosa, Salt Point State Park is a Northern California treasure. Relatively undiscovered by tourists, Salt Point is refreshingly free of the crowds that swarm other Bay Area and Northern California coast and beach destinations.


With expansive views of the rocky coastline, excellent tide-pools, and several accessible hiking trails that lead to beaches and into the redwoods, this destination provides a variety of activities for young explorers with the ease of front-country camping.



Activity Potential

Camp gamesSalt Point offers hiking along the coast and in the forested hills, tide pools for exploration, and picnic areas along the coastal bluffs and in wooded, protected areas. Nearby is a sandy beach for games, solo sits, and free time.


Wildlife viewing potential at Salt Point is rich and diverse. In the tide pools, you'll discover crabs, sea anemones, sea stars, and sea cucumbers. On land, you'll see deer, wild pigs and hawks. In and near the sea there are sea lions, harbor seals, and sea otters and just above the sea, brown pelicans and of course, sea gulls.


In the campground, located just five minutesí walk from the ocean, there is plenty of space for group games, activities, and an evening campfire, where stories and other fun games are sure to create a memorable experience.


Base price: $145 per student per day.


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