Cascades to Oregon Coast Adventure


Destination Overview

This trip has it all: Mountains, volcanic craters, lakes, river and ocean. The Cascade Mountains, the Three Sisters Range with gorgeous Crater Lake, the McKenzie River rapids, and the gorgeous Oregon Pacific coast – there is plenty to explore within the state of Oregon.



Activity Potential

Check out the beautiful Oregon Cascade mountain range, visiting lots of interesting and scenic sites along the way. Discover the natural wonder of the extinct volcano of Crater Lake. You can't imagine how blue it is until you see it with your own eyes


Then go deeper and explore the trails of the Three Sisters Wilderness area. Backpack among 10,000 foot mountains, swim in crystal clear lakes and visit unique obsidian peaks. This area is one of the most beloved backpacking spots in all of Oregon. Learn and perfect primitive wilderness skills and gaze at the stars in the clear mountain air. No long miles required! This trip is all about enjoying and exploring the natural area close at hand, often without the need of our packs.


Next, shoot the class II and III rapids of beautiful McKenzie River for 2 whole days! Watch out for the big birds of prey that feed on the river's fish, play in the rapids, and get in tune with the flow of the river. Camp at the river's edge and share stories of the journey over a roaring campfire.


Make your trip a bit longer to give yourself time to explore Oregon's rugged coastline. Hike on sand dunes and chill out on gorgeous beaches. A Lifeschool adventure to Oregon has so much to offer!


Base price: $165 per student per day.



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