North Lake Tahoe


Destination Overview

Visit Go Adventure's secret spot in the Tahoe National Forest, where lake upon lake leaves you with almost too many choices for just 6 days. Another classic Go Adventure trip, this is not your typical Tahoe experience. Lose the crowds and discover what Tahoe's backcountry has to offer to those willing to venture beyond Lake Tahoe itself.


Activity Potential

North Tahoe is a great place for a backpacking adventure to crystal-clear alpine lakes and mountain peaks, complete with opportunities for wildlife viewing, swimming, group games and activities, campfires and smores, and solo reflection. Spend an afternoon hiking up a nearby peak and glissading down the last of winter's snowy slopes.<


Ever had a snowball fight in the middle of the summer? Here's your chance!


An adventure to North Lake Tahoe can be combined with a day of rafting the American River. Please visit the American River destination page for more info. A day on the river is the most refreshing end to your Sierra Nevada adventure!


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