Klamath River

Destination Overview

The scenic Klamath River is the second largest river in California. The river cuts through the Klamath Mountains of the Cascade Range, home to black bear, deer, otter, and eagles. Then the Klamath flows to the southwest, through high deserts then dry forests in the east and lush temperate rainforests as it meanders further west towards the coast. The Klamath includes many of the longest free-flowing stretches of river in California as well as some of the best whitewater runs.


Close by and en route is the imposing Mount Shasta, one of the highest mountains in California at 14,179 feet. This gigantic, inactive volcano, the southernmost volcano of the Cascade Range, is a great place to explore on your way to the Klamath! Theodore Roosevelt once said, “I consider the evening twilight on Mt. Shasta one of the grandest sights I have ever witnessed.”


Waterfall exploaration

Activity Potential

The mild and fun whitewater on the Klamath makes this a perfect rafting trip for first-timers interested in a having a fun river experience. Enjoy time in rafts and duckies, one-person inflatable kayaks, on the many rapids of the Klamath. In stretches of calm water take a plunge and cool off in the exhilaratingly cold waters of this river. Camp on isolated beaches, play games, swim, and relax. Take a day hike to the rainforest setting of Ukonom Falls, one of the finest side hikes in California, where we can swim in the pools below the falls or just lie on the rocks enjoying the sun.


At Mount Shasta, enjoy a half-day hike up to Horse Camp, at an elevation of 7,900 feet, to play in the snow and enjoy the fresh air and amazing views!



Base price: $165 per student per day.


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