Hawaii Big Island


Destination Overview

Join us for an unforgettable adventure exploring Hawaii's Big Island. The Big Island is home to active volcanoes, steam vents, lush tropical rainforests, waterfalls, abundant and diverse flora and fauna, gorgeous beaches and coral reefs, and a rich culture and heritage.


Activity Potential

Discover a unique Hawaii beyond what tourists see. Hawaii "Lifeschool style" is a truly memorable experience. Imagine riding the perfect wave, swimming next to schools of tropical fish, and watching hot lava flow into the ocean. Sleep under starry skies right on the beach with the expansive ocean landscape in front of you. Discover a unique and colorful culture and people.


This destination is action-packed and hosts endless outdoor opportunities for all adventurers. Try your hand at surfing Hawaii's famous waves or opt to explore the sandy beaches from the side. Spend a day sea kayaking or snorkeling in warm tropical waters and learn how to identify some of Hawaii's most popular fish species.



When you’re ready to dry out a bit, you can head to one of the "7 wonders of the world," Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for a backpacking adventure not to be missed. Walk over expansive lava fields out to the Puna Coast; camp a safe distance from the Pu'u O'o Vent and watch steam rise from the ocean as lava seeps to the edge of the shoreline. This can provide an amazingly unique light show as the sun goes down and the fireworks begin.


Other hiking opportunities include exploring lush tropical rainforests to seek out beautiful, cascading waterfalls and amazing rainforest vegetation and wildlife.


Hawaiian culture and people share an incredible depth and spirit that you can learn about throughout the trip by speaking with locals and visiting cultural centers along your route. Your group can get to know a true Hawaiian Kahuna (spiritual leader) who shares her stories, wisdom, and kindness. Attend special ceremonies and make new friends. The friendly Hawaiian culture will make your adventure even more memorable and exceptional.


Base price: $225 per student per day.


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