Four Corners Adventure

Destination Overview

The Four Corners in the colorful high deserts and mountains of the Southwest is the only place in the United States where four states come together at one place. Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado meet at the Four Corners in a landscape of grand proportions. The possibilities are numerous within this expansive region of the Wild West. Besides the Moab area, we also offer excursions centered on the New Mexico and Colorado portions of the Four Corners.


Visit the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado to take in the dazzling spires, crisp mountain lakes, and glaciated valleys that define this range and the Rocky Mountains in general. In Mesa Verde, near Durango, Colorado, explore this former Anasazi cultural hub full of cliff dwellings overlooking the pristine high deserts of canyon country. The Animas River and the historic railroad town of Durango offer more scenic and cultural exploration as well.


Across the border in New Mexico, immerse yourself in the bright colors of high desert near Santa Fe and Taos. Two cultural hubs for artists, it is easy to see where they get their inspiration. Explore the canyons, mountains, and the mighty Rio Grande!




Activity Potential

Backpack or day hike through the San Juans or the Taos mountains, taking in gorgeous scenery and going for a dip in exhilaratingly cold swimming holes! Explore present day and ancient Native American cultures throughout the region, including the famous Mesa Verde and Taos House sites. Finish your Four Corners fun with a day of rafting the rapids on the Animas River near Durango or the Rio Grande River near Taos.


Because of the vast area and diversity within this region, you can choose a longer adventure of 10 days or more to take in a little of everything or focus on one theme, such as Native American culture of the present and past or exploration of the mountains and people of northern New Mexico or Southwestern Colorado. We will work with you to create the experience you are looking for!


Base price: $175 per student per day.


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