Desolation Wilderness

Destination Overview

With elevations ranging from 11,000 feet above to 300 feet below sea level and over 3,000,000 acres of wilderness, Death Valley is a geological wonder to explore. Canyons, waterfalls, abandoned mines, swimming holes – Death Valley gives you the beauty of the desert and mountains, complete with numerous desert oases.



Activity Potential

You can explore slot canyons, massive sand dunes, volcanic craters, mountaintops, and "Devilís Golf Course," the lowest place in North America at 300 feet below sea level! Go from snow to very low in just one day! With the archeology, geology and geography of the Valley to capture your imagination and curiousity, the science possibilities are also bountiful.


Go Adventure itineraries are built around flexibility to ensure we can interact with the ever-changing conditions in the wilderness which are magnified even more in this extreme desert setting. It sounds pretty hardcore, but actually this trip is well suited for newcomers to the outdoors as Death Valley has plenty of great places to explore up high and down low, allowing you to beat the heat or the cold, as needed!


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